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EHB 20/2.4 Morse Taper Steel Drill

The EIBENSTOCK hand-held drilling machine range consists of particularly powerful drills. They are used for large drillings in steel, aluminium, plastics, hardwood as well as softwood. All machines are characterised by their robustness for hard permanent use and operating safety.

The units with 2 or 4-gear speed-changing mechanism as well as the units with electronics provide the possibility of optimal speed adaption according to the drilling task for freehand use, in drill rig or as driving motors. In order to protect user and tool, the machines with a drilling diameter of 23 mm and more are equipped with a mechanical safety clutch. The drills are particularly used in metalworking shops and assembly companies, steel industry, mechanical engineering, plant construction and vehicle construction as well as in carpentry and companies which are in timber construction.