POFC (Position, Open, Fix, Close)

Upat SA (Pty) Ltd, is an agent, manufacturer and distributor of premium quality International brands to the construction, mining and DIY trades in Southern Africa. Not only does it supply superior, trustworthy products and services, but it also is able to cater to the four key stages of any building or construction cycle: Positioning, Opening, Fixing and Closing. Consequently, in addition to product classification, Upat has adopted these four stages as its own personal value system too.


For a contractor, Engineer or DIYer, the point of departure for any practical application is to measure - ensuring that what he/she is building or installing, is POSITIONED correctly to complement the surroundings. In line with this, as a company philosophy, Upat POSITIONS itself as such: "As an agent and distributor of premium quality German-engineered brands, Upat aspires to be the supplier of choice to the building, mining and allied trades in Southern Africa".

Upat represents the German brand STABILA, which provides the most extensive range of measuring tools, laser distancers and professional spirit levels in this regard.


Once the position has been established, the building site will need to be OPENED in some way. This is usually done with a power tool of some sort. When communicating, most companies prefer to be OPEN and honest, trustworthy and genuine in the eyes of their stakeholders. That being said, Upat has adopted OPEN as its tone and manner which is: "Clear, informative, sincere and approachable."

Under the product class OPEN, Upat represents the International brands, Milwaukee, DUSS and Eibenstock. Together, these provide customers with expert drilling and percussion drilling machines; rotary, combi and demolition hammers; hand-held coring machines and diamond coring machines, rigs, barrels and blades; a vast range drill bits and accessories; and top world-leading heavy-duty power tools.


Once the position has been established and the appropriate opening has been made, the builder or contractor will need to fix items together. This fixing phase should, if done correctly, make the new modification secure. Upat has FIXed values that are unwavering and has therefore chosen FIX to represent these; which are: "Stable, rewarding working environments; Superior, trustworthy products and services; Accountability; Financial stability; Reliable technical expertise; Social and environmental responsibility."

With the exclusive rights to fischer in South Africa, Upat prides itself on FIXING as our speciality and offers an extensive range of the following: nylon fixings, steel anchors, chemical anchors, screws, pipe clamps, special application fixings, gas nail guns and powder actuated gun tools.


Finally, in order to prevent any unforeseen damage, corrosion or instability, the fixture or opening will need to be closed and sealed. In business, a transaction is CLOSED once a sale has been made, a deal has been done or a message has been conveyed. Similarly Upat has chosen CLOSE to represent its brand essence, which is: "An interlinked approach to enhance and modify everyday surroundings"

Upat offers specialist Fire Protection systems, PU foams, sealants and adhesives to make sure that all applications are safely secured and CLOSED.


Upat can therefore offer something for every aspect of your building cycle that is guaranteed to be of the best quality. We also provide you with technical support and expertise too; so if you choose Upat as your supplier of choice, we will help you BUILD THE BIGGER PICTURE.

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