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There is more to measuring than what meets the eye. Every single project is dependent on accurate measurements, whether distance or level.

In order to accurately measure distance, either tape- or laser distance measurers can be used. To set accurate levels, spirit- or laser levels are used.

Stabila offers a range of products in these areas to perfectly suit the user's requirements. As a Retailer, the products from Stabila will give you peace of mind that your customer will be happy with a professional tool, in the first place, but also that you do not need to worry about comebacks.

In the unlikely event of defects on any Stabila product, the warranty claim procedure is quick and painless.

What makes a good Spirit Level?

The vial, profile and measuring surfaces are the three vital components that make any spirit level. But having just one good component means nothing, all three must be in harmony at it were.

In the case of Stabila, a CNC-turned acrylic glass vial with corrosion resistant read-off rings, filled with a special fluorescent solution (which is highly resistant to UV radiation), is moulded into the profile, ensuring an immovable bond.


The profile constitutes an extension of the vial and must therefore be made of a lasting and stable material. Depending on the application's requirements, different profile cross sections and wall thicknesses are used.



The measuring surfaces on spirit levels can be designed in various ways. In most cases, the complete body of the spirit level, including the measuring surface, is powder-coated, painted or anodised, but on some spirit levels the measuring surface is also milled flat after the coating process.

In every case, it is important that the surface be completely smooth. For this reason, not every side of a spirit level can be used as a measuring surface.


Laser Levels
Laser measuring instruments have conveniently revolutionised the construction industry because they are so precise at all distances. Furthermore, by using it, a single person can take measurements in a situation where two or three people were required before.
Depending on the laser selected, the user can obtain 360° rotational measurements, line- or dot measurements, and this in both horizontal or vertical positions.

 stabila laser levels

A laser functions when the control electronics send a current to the laser diode. In association with high-quality optics, this produces an absolutely straight, far-reaching laser beam.
Level is achieved, either by a pendulum, working in conjunction with the earth's gravity, or electronically.


laser classLaser class 2:
The double safety system that we use ensures that the laser's power in our systems does not exceed that for laser Class 2 (under 1 milliwatt). Nevertheless, you should strictly avoid looking directly into the laser beam!




Laser class 3R: (LAR 120 G)
Detailed information on the laser class 3, please see the PDF for download.






Tape Measures
If you are a regular measuring tape user you have certainly tried many different ones and are unwilling to accept compromises. It is quite true to say that many different attributes play decisive role in determining the accuracy of measurement, suitability for daily use and the length of the working life of a quality tape measure. This is why we place a very high value on robustness, reliability, ease of use and, naturally, precision in our measuring tapes. All STABILA measuring tapes meet the MID Directive applicable everywhere in Europe. With CE and metrology marking as well as the EC type test certificate.


stabila tape measure

On any quality measuring tape, there will be three important indicators right on the beginning of the blade: the accuracy class (shown in Roman numerals), the EC type approval, confirming the origin and design, and the manufacturer's name.
But the most important is the measurment scale. It must be printed distincly and legibly, and show a clear difference between units and tens. The double scale (upper and lower edge) increases the practicality.

For pocket tape measures, the tape's durability is an important factor: for this reason, most steel tapes are concave and have a resistant coating to protect the graduated scale from abrasion by particles of dirt.

stabila tape measure layers

Steel measuring tapes suffer from more significant changes in length, depending on the temperature but require less traction force for precise measurements than fiberglass tapes. The design and the material protect the steel tape against friction and breaking.
Useful supplementary functions increase the measuring tape's practicality: buffers on mouth, tape return brake, blade lock. Most of Stabila's tape measures are fitted with the patented spikes hook, which prevents the tape from slipping on smooth surfaces.

Laser Distance Measurers

Laser functions for distance measurers

stabila laser distances


Available Stands

  • 914mm wide in either a 1500mm or 2000mm height. Optional extras include flat shelves or slopping bins with partitions.
  • 450mm wide with a 1500mm height. Optional extras include a flat shelf.
  • Counter stands


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