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Perhaps not as well known in South Africa for their bathroom applications, fischer has a selection of sanitary fixing solutions that ensure quick, simple and extremely secure installations.


These product packs are engineered and specially designed for fastening washroom utilities like basins, toilet bowls, geysers or urinals to the available plumbing and all bathroom surfaces; including concrete, natural stone, solid brick, plasterboard, gypsum fibreboards and chipboards. fischer offers the fixing you need to securely hold all sanitary ware in place.

Take for example their toilet fixing range - the WCN; S 8 D 70 WCR and S 8 RD WCR which all come with chrome and white coloured caps and have a brass screw with a hexagon head and slot. The large snap-fit sleeve on the WCN compensates for fairly large or irregular holes that have been formed into the porcelain and can also be used for fixing mirrors and ceramic shelves.

The S 8 RD's plug collar cleanly closes off the drill hole and enables the cap to fit securely in place.
The WL is a fischer fixing set comprised of an S-Plug, wood screw and washer. It is used for securing boilers, stationery electric appliances, gas heaters and cisterns. All ensure simple, quick, secure and strong installations, have shapely designs and are easy to clean.

You can view our range of sanitary fixings here

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