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With the increase in demand for bonding chemicals in the building and DIY industries, it was inevitable that the focus would land on adhesives at some point. 

As the pioneer of chemical anchoring, fischer Fixing systems takes this market very seriously and offers a comprehensive range to accommodate these needs.

The MK and KK fixing adhesives serve as some of the most popular products in the fischer range. MK is a single component water based adhesive that hardens through the evaporation of water. It is appropriate for indoor use and should be used on absorbent surfaces only. Some of the kinds of applications where MK would a suitable tool are the binding of wood, cork or plastic skirtings to concrete, plaster, plasterboard or chipboard surfaces. It can also be used in gluing timber substructures, fixing wall panels and adhering window sills made of stone or plastic to concrete or masonry.

The same uses can apply when using KK, however this adhesive is more suited for outdoor use. Where the MK hardens through loss of water, the KK hardens through atmospheric humidity, in other words it absorbs water. This single component polyurethane adhesive offers exceptional performance. It is watertight, heat resistant and once hardened, can be sanded and painted as well.
Both MK and KK compensate for surface unevenness, so there is no need for surface preparation.

They are resistant to chemical influences, ageing and will not run. Both are packaged in a tube similar to that of silicone and have a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture.

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