Service Delivery Excellence

In 2003, Upat SA (Pty) Ltd decided to establish an operations business unit as a department on its own complete with the necessary structures to assume accountability and responsibility for the inbound logistics & operations and outbound logistics of the organisation.

The goal of this unit is to offer the customer, both internally and externally, a level of value that exceeds the cost of the activity whilst meeting their expectations. The operational strategy is to pursue a competitive advantage based on cost-advantage by better understanding cost drivers and squeezing them out of the value -adding activities:

  1. Transparency: Transparency is leading this business unit's activities, ensuring higher levels of actuate information/ communication to all its stakeholders.
  2. Service: Ensuring that the organisation's culture and service offering is maintained and never compromised. Being a sales organisation that has built a reputation of supplying high end quality products, it is the operational units' objective to ensure that the sales service experience from a customer point-of-view is aligned with the product expectation i.e. the quality of the service must reflect the embedded value of the sales purchase. We will always own our distribution channel ensuring customer satisfaction.
  3. Stock Availability: The stock holding of the organisation is a process that is approached from a continuous improvement outlook and it is well understood that this issue will never be completed. For as long as the organisation has customers, the demands and challenges pertaining to stock will tax the organisation's approach to this aspect of the business.

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