fischer Fixings Mirror Fix - SKLM

The fischer mirror fix, the SKLM, is the ideal fixing to securely install a mirror without damaging or breaking the glass.

Due to the nature of the fixing, it can be used on any base material, from solid (concrete), to masonry (hollow or solid bricks), to hollow materials (eg. partitioning or hollow-core doors).

The mirror fix blister pack comes with 2 x mirror holders without springs (for the bottom) and 2 x mirror holders that have springs (for the top).
This allows the bottom of the mirror to be fixed, while the top of the mirror easily slides into its fixture. The blister pack also comes with 4 x S plugs to hold the mirror fix in place when installing into solid materials.

For fixing into other materials, the appropriate fixings are available off the fischer stand in all reputable retail stores.

To see the mirror fix in action 

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