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Since its inception, STABILA has striven to solve old problems with new thinking and inventiveness to make every measuring task easier, faster and more effective. STABILA’s introduction of laser measuring instruments in 1994 has solidified their position as a market leader supplying measuring and positioning equipment with the aim of reducing turnover time whilst maintaining high levels of precision.

The STABILA Laser difference:

  • High-performance optics enables lasers to produce fine sharp lines.
  • High quality laser diodes ensure a longer runtime.
  • The patented STABILA protecion system makes lasers extremely tough and able to take knocks or falls without damaging the tool.

Line Lasers

Line lasers are for indoor use and usually have one horizontal and a minimum of one vertical line that is projected onto a working area, creating highly visible guides for any surface. With a working distance of up to 30 m and an internal self-levelling pendulum mechanism, line lasers are quick to set up and easy to use.

Clearly visible laser lines make the LAX 50 G, LAX 300 G, LA 180 L and the FLS 90 ideal for tiling, kitchen layout and cabinet installations, electrical drywall set-up and partitioning work.

Point Lasers

Point lasers project a very fine point or dot and should be used indoors. These compact instruments have a working area of up to 30 m and the internal self-levelling pendulum mechanism means point lasers are fast to set up and easy to use.

Point lasers such as the LA-5P and the Type 80 LMX P+L are ideal for partitioning, electrical light placement, sprinkler systems, kitchen and cabinetry installations.

Rotation Lasers

Rotational lasers measure at a very high degree of accuracy over greater distances and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Rotational lasers make use of fully automatic, motor-driven laser technology which heighten their degree of accuracy to 0.02 mm/m. The advanced self-levelling technology automatically levels using an electronic servomotor.

Rotational lasers such as the LAR 350 , LAR 120 G , LAR 250 and LAPR 150 can be used in conjunction with a receiver allowing you to work over greater distances.

Applications include concrete levelling, excavation, drywalling, partitioning, fitting and aligning electrical installations, window and joinery work.

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