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Did you know that worldwide fire departments attend to a fire every 7 seconds? 43% of companies hit by a large fire, without the proper fire protection systems in place, are never operational again and 15 000 civilian deaths are caused by fires annually. These statistics highlight the importance of implementing the correct Fire Protection systems to avoid occupants from being injured, restrict the spreading of a blaze to allow time to control a fire and prevent excessive damage to a building.

Public Health and Safety regulations mandate very strict standards to which a building must comply and Fire Protection is a vital part of any insurance assessor’s examination of a business. Fire Protection consists of three main elements including detection such as fitting a building with smoke detectors, suppression systems which includes sprinklers, and most importantly, compartmentalisation which refers to systems that contain or compartmentalise a blaze and the toxic gasses and smoke that are released.

fischer FireStop products are used to compartmentalise a building, delaying the spread of a blaze and most importantly preventing the spread of toxic gases and smoke through passageways in a building. This is an extremely important element of Fire Protection when one considers that 3/4 fire deaths are caused by smoke inhalation, and that 57% of people killed in fires were not in the room where the fire started.

The fischer FireStop system is made of various elements which are used to resist or stop the spread of fire and the toxic gases and smoke produced, through openings made to accommodate penetrations in fire-rated walls, floors and ceiling assemblies. The fischer FireStop system allows you to divide a building structure into fire cells by installing fire retardant products made up of special materials which increase in volume and decrease in density when exposed to heat and flames.

Elements used in FireStopping:

fischer Intumescent Acoustic Mastic - FiAM

Used for sealing joints and service penetrations in fire walls, for partitions, fire rated door frames and glazing systems. Produces a char that resists the passage of fire and acts as an insulator.

FiGM – Power Fire Seal

Provides up to 4 hours integrity on a fully tested, fire & smoke seal where there is a range of services, such as Single or bunched cables, Cable trays, Flammable pipes, Insulated pipes pass through various substrates.

fischer Intumescent Putty Pad - FiPP 

Intumescent mouldable putty pad protects electrical socket boxes in drywall. It is a red non-setting silicone based polymer which forms a crust to retard the heat transfer when exposed to a fire condition. Can be fitted inside or behind the electrical socket box.

fischer Firestop Collar - FFC

Provides a mean to close penetrations off quickly during a fire, where flammable pipe from 32mm to 350mm pass through fire rated walls and floors. The steel frame contains a very powerful graphite based intumescent liner which during a fire, will increase in volume and decrease in density whilst the steel frame directs the force inwards filling the void left by the burnt out pipe.

fischer intumescent Pipe Wrap - FiPW

Economical solution for sealing flammable pipes from 32mm to 160mm where they pass through fire rated walls and floor penetrations. The wrap is installed within the wall or floor and backfilled with fireproof mortar. The edge of the wrap MUST be exposed in order to let the heat activate the intumescent material. This will expand to fill the void left by the burnt-out pipe.

fischer Coated Panel System - FCP & FCPS

Provides a structural, permanent sealing system for all services penetrating walls and floors. Suitable for use within solid substrates and drywall systems. A multifunctional system with 3 levels, covering a wide scope of performance.


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