Plastic vs Nylon – what's the difference?

Not all wall plugs are the same with both plastic and nylon variants being available for purchase. Nylon is the generic designation for a family of synthetic polymers, based on aliphatic or semi-aromatic polyamides. Nylon, therefore is an extremely strong material that meets high quality and safety requirements. fischer prides itself on ensuring a solid and secure fixing that will stand the test of time and this is why all fischer plugs  are made from 100% virgin nylon.

Polyamide, the major component of nylon, absorbs humidity from its surroundings in its molecular structure which contributes to its high impact strength and abrasion resistance. “If you take a nylon plug and a plastic plug and place both in a glass of water, the plastic plug floats, while the nylon plug sinks. This is because nylon is denser and therefore a much more durable and stronger material,” Upat’s inhouse Engineer and Technical Manager, Kevin Owen points out.

Nylon plugs from fischer offer on average, a 50% higher holding force than their plastic counterparts. The high mechanical strength and stiffness of the polyamide material allows the plugs to handle high loads due to their expansion force and reduced friction.

The good damping characteristics of polyamide, translate into a high shock-absorption capability. In addition to this, nylon can withstand far more heat than plastic; which means that these plugs will not deform from the heat produced by friction when screws are driven into a wall. Polyamide fixing elements are resistant to various weathering conditions - natural ageing, rust, rot, and an array of chemical substances.

Another major advantage of polyamide over traditional fixing material, is that it is more UV-resistant than plastic. Unaffected by continuous sunlight, it will last significantly longer than plugs made from plastic, meaning that nylon plugs are far more durable and cost-effective in the long term.

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