New Product - fischer FireStop Foam

Health and Safety Regulations are becoming more stringent, so for Architects, Builders, Specifiers and Engineers the aesthetic look and structural soundness of a building alone will no longer suffice to pass building inspections. Fire Protection systems must be a consideration for new building projects, allowing occupants inside the building to be able to evacuate safely.

The traditional FireStop system is made up of a number of products and installation methods depending on what needs to be protected and FireStopped. This process is time consuming and requires technical knowledge to be correctly and effectively installed.

Imagine being able to replace those numerous items and technical installation methods with a single easy-to-use product? The introduction of fischer’s Foam Barrier System Plus has made this a reality. This two-component polyurethane expanding acoustic, smoke and firestopping seal, expands to five times of its volume and can be used on metallic pipes, insulated metallic pipes, conduits, cable and cable bunches and mixed multiple penetrations.

The formulation can be installed using a dispenser. A single 380ml cartridge yields 1.9 litres and cures in 90 minutes. The foam can also be used to create fire bricks that have a 10-year life expectancy, enabling the installer to FireStop quickly and easily.

Added benefits of this revolutionary foam include:

  • Age resistant
  • Smoke resistant
  • Re-enterable and repairable
  • Excellent adhesion
  • No backing material required

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