Accurate Cupboard Measurements

How to accurately measure the inside of a cupboard using a tape measure

Using a high quality and accurate tape measure is the basis of any Jobsites ability to produce precise and repeatable measurements. Here at Upat SA we believe that every South African working on their projects deserve to #beatruepro when it comes to their measurement accuracy. That’s why we are the sole agents and distributors of the STABILA brand in South Africa, the market leaders in measuring and positioning technology.

Working with the STABILA product specialist, Charl Weber, we have put together a quick visual guide on how you can #beatruepro and use our STABILA BM 30 W Pocket Tape Measure to accurately measure the inside of a cupboard so that all of SA’s True Pro’s can see what difference the right tool can make.

1: Ensure that you have accurate measurements at on both adjacent surfaces

We believe in helping you ‘Build The Bigger Picture’, and when it comes to the quick and direct way to measure internal dimensions there is only one tape measure that True Pros can rely on. The BM 30 W Pocket Tape Measure solves the problem of measuring internal dimensions, such as a door opening or the inside of a cupboard thanks to the viewing window. As you can see above the tape measure viewing window show the true interior dimensions. All you have to do is see where the red line is on the window and you’ll have your accurate measurement.

2: Check that the length and height measurements are the same at varying points on the surface

The BM 30 W Tape Measure’s Push brake for stopping and locking the blade is the perfect addition for anyone who wants to #beatruepro and lock the reel in place for the transferring of measurements or doing a quick measurement check that height and lengths align. When used with the measuring tapes’ level back rest a true pro can quickly see that the measurements transferred are not accurate, as is the case above.

3: Ensure that your diagonal corner measurements are aligned with each other in opposite directions

The BM 30 W Tape Measure comes with a hook to ensure accurate grip when making measurements and a STABILA grip coating to help prevent slipping, even on smooth surfaces and when measuring over larger distances.

Getting accurate and trusted measurements has never been easier for South African True Pro’s who use the BM 30 W Tape Measure. The viewing window allows you to quickly, and precisely see discrepancies in any measurements that you transfer for internal measurements as the above example shows.

4: Measure the continuous vertical height on the inside of the cupboard

The large numbers on the reel makes the measuring tape extremely easy to read, and perfect for any shop fitters, joiners, window fitters or cupboard installers. The reel is also marked on both sides allowing you to use the viewing window for the bottom of the reel and the top of the reel for a more traditional use of a measuring tape. The 3 metre long, 16 millimetre wide curved steel blade has a Polymide coating which protects the scale from continuous and long term wear ensuring unit of measurement is always easily read.

When you chose to #beatruepro when it comes to your Measuring, Levelling and Positioning accuracy know that STABILA is How True Pro’s measure. STABILA is the market leader in providing South African’s with the tools they need to ensure that their Jobsite runs with the most accuracy and precision that German Engineering can offer.

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