BESSEY Clamping & Cutting Technology

BESSEY has been setting standards in clamping and cutting technology since 1889, and will continue its proud tradition of providing German-engineered innovative tools to users in South Africa through its partnership with Upat SA (Pty) Ltd – the new local agent.

The BESSEY brand’s core competencies of research and development allow them to continually create innovative new products, while also improving on their current products. This means the brand will have no problem in coming into Upat SA’s umbrella of high-quality international brands. BESSEY tools are produced from the highest quality materials, using state of-the-art techniques to ensure the highest degree of comfort, safety and user friendliness.

BESSEY has been working for over 130 years to set new standards in the area of manual clamping and cutting tools and continues to be a market leader and trusted manufacturer users can rely on. The focus has always been on product innovations, as well as product improvements. “To stop improving is to stop being good.” This is the motto of company founder Max Bessey, which remains the principle guiding everything that the company does.

Innovations that meet user needs are essential to the BESSEY product range evolution, and the brand provides tools that make the operator’s work easier, safer and more convenient. Product development is taken forward in a dynamic process that requires decades of experience with tools, craftsmanship and materials; this is what sets the BESSEY brand apart from any newcomers to the market and see’s new tool users loving the brand as much as the previous generation.

This unique positioning of BESSEY as a producer of tools and precision steel creates a significant market advantage in terms of quality for the brand. It allows BESSEY Tool to procure its rails and spindles directly from BESSEY Precision Steel's own in-house drawing plant, giving it precise knowledge of the steel quality that is going into these key product components. BESSEY's bright steels are produced in cutting edge facilities, rigorously tested under very high stresses and, the results documented to ensure consistently high quality precision steels.

Thanks to years of experience and, continuous communication with customers, BESSEY has developed key competencies for creating relevant tool solutions. The result is over 1600 clamping and cutting tools that BESSEY now offers, this is an exceptionally broad and diverse range of products customised to special application requirements ranging from general DIY, industrial and even mining requirements.

BESSEY’s motivation has always been to provide value to our business partners, employees and shareholders. While as a manufacturer in the area of clamping and cutting technologies, BESSEY continues to be a market leader and trendsetter. The partnership between BESSEY and Upat SA is a natural one, as both brands strive to continually provide the highest quality products to their loyal customers.

The team here at Upat SA is glad to welcome the BESSEY brand to our collection of quality brands, and we are excited for you discover the truth behind the brand’s motto "BESSEY. Simply better."

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