How to Install a Wallplug

We all need to fix something to a wall every now and then. The big things that people tend to overlook is how important the installation and fixing brand is to get that shelf, tv or curtain rod installed securely. Here at Upat SA we believe in helping South African’s Build the Bigger Picture, by supplying the highest quality brands and giving users helpful ‘how-to’ tips, and when it comes to fixing no other brand can compare with fischer’s range of wall plugs.

Life gets busy, and that means sometimes we aren’t able to get all the information that we need to make the best choices when it comes to our everyday DIY tasks, like fixing something to a wall using a wall plug. We put this step-by-step guide together to help you through the most effective way of ensuring your installation is #fischerFixed.

What you’ll need when a Duopower into a solid lime-sand brick:

  • STABILA Level
  • Drill bit (8mm)
  • Marking pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Duopower wall plug and screw (8 x 65)
  • Marking tape
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Impact drill
  • Item(s) to fix to the wall
  • Vacuum cleaner

Prepare your workplace - Lay out your tools and consumables before the application begins. This way you will know what items you have, and they are within reach when you start your application.

Ensure that your application is level - Draw a level line using a STABILA Spirit Level to indicate where the fixings must be installed to ensure a level installation of the Duopower wall plugs.

Make sure your fixings are marked at the correct distance apart - Use a STABILA measuring tape to accurately determine the distance between your fixing points. Use a STABILA marking pencil to mark the fixing installation points.

Measure and mark your Drill Bit ensuring the hole depth correct - Before drilling your holes always measure and mark the distance your drill bit needs to be. The drill bit must be marked slightly longer than the plug. By not drilling the hole deep enough you will not get a neat finish and the full load bearing capacity of the plug will not be utilised. Below you can see how the fixing is measured, making sure to leave some space for the anchor screw to penetrate the end of the plug when installed.

Drill your hole - Using a Milwaukee Drill you can drill a hole for your fixings to be inserted into. Here it is important to drill straight and level, ensuring that your fischer Duopower Wall Plug can be installed straight and aligned with each other.

Clean the drill hole - Whatever the jobsite it’s vital to work neatly. Ensure you clean your drill hole with a vacuum or steel brush to maximise holding power.

Hammer in your fischer Duopower Wall Plug - Insert the wall plug and tap it in to be flush with the substrate. Using a hammer ensures that the Duopower Wall Plug sits securely in the drill hole.

Place item to be fixed over wall plug and insert the screw - Now the actual fixing of the item can begin. Always ensure that your fixing goes through the item you want to fix. Make sure that the screw, item being fixed, and the Duopower wall plug align.

Tighten the screw - When happy with the position of item being fixed, screw in the fixing using a screwdriver. Ensure your screw remains level and straight during installation. Once the screw is flush with the item being fixed the Duopower wall plug will be ready to be loaded.

Recheck your level - It is best practice to always recheck your level to ensure an optimal installation. Here you can see that both the fixings that have been installed are level with each other.

When it comes to installing floating shelves, that 54” tv or a curtain rod you want to be sure that the fixing is #fischerFixed for life. This is especially true for any sort of load bearing installation. The 8x65 Duopower used in this example has a load bearing strength of 2.25 Kn in solid sand-lime brick, which means each one of the wall plugs can carry a load of up to 225 Kg.

The Duopwer is a truly universal wall plug that is suitable for any building substrate making it the perfect plug for fixing into walls. No other wall plug on the South African Market can compete with the power and intelligence of fischer’s Duopower wall plug. When it comes to fixing make sure its #fischerFixed.

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