fischer PM 360 S Injection Mortar

The injection system for variable and efficient fixing.

The Powerbond-System consists of the injection mortar FIS PM based on styrene-free vinyl ester, the stainless steel sleeve Power Sleeve.


  • The variability in the anchorage depth and building component thickness enables optimal dimensioning for economic anchorage.
  • Approved in hammer- and diamond-drilled drill holes for maximum safety in planning and processing.
  • With just three power sleeve dimensions and the fischer FIS A threaded rods, an entire M10/M12/M16 assortment can be covered with the lowest inventory cost.
  • Savings in assembly time through the special mortar which is permitted for water-filled drill holes.


  • Guard rails
  • Consoles
  • Steel consoles
  • Timber construction
  • High rack warehouse
  • Silos
  • Conveyor belt
  • Signs and signal installation
  • Machines

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