fischer FIS P 300 T Injection Mortar

Styrene free polyester resin for fixings in masonry building materials. Resin and hardener are stored in two separate chambers and are not mixed and activated until pushed through the static mixer. Partially-used cartridges can easily be reused by changing the static mixer.

FIS P 300 T with longer curing time and lower application pressure. FIS P 300 T can be extruded by using a conventional application gun. FIS P 380 C in coaxial cartridge is extruded by using a special application gun. FIS P 360 S in shuttle cartridge is extruded by using a special application gun.

Advantages & Benefits

  • High performance in masonry building materials.
  • Expansion-free anchoring allows low spacing and edge distances.
  • Extensive range of accessories for a wide variety of applications.

Additional Info

  • Suitability: Brick & Solid Materials, Concrete / Dense Stone, Hollow Brick / Block
  • Installation Type: Pre-Positioned
  • Available In: Zinc Plated, Hot Dipped Galvanized, Stainless Steel

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