fischer VBS-M Remedial Wall Tie

The fischer remedial wall tie VBS-M is suitable for the renovation of two-shell masonry. Above all, it is used for the subsequent application of heat insulation or to secure a suspended, rear-ventilated façade. Thanks to the two expansion zones of the plug, the cost-effective solution enables the safe connection of the facing masonry and outer shell. The low anchorage depth of just 50 mm also enables fast and cost-effective installation in stone and in bed joints. The slim plug edge and head enable a flush installation or a deeper installation with no annoying projection. The drill hole can be retrospectively grouted so that it is no longer visible.

The approved fixing in stone and in joints from at least 50 mm facing masonry provides a high degree of flexibility and security.
Use in joints and with a low anchorage depth of just 50 mm allows for a quick and economical installation.
The small anchor rim and screw head allow for a surface-flush or deep-set installation.
The drill hole can be retrospectively sealed so that it is no longer visible in the façade.
A drip coil prevents condensate running into the load-bearing layer, thus preventing frost and corrosive damage.

Additional Info

  • Suitability: Brick & Solid Materials, Concrete / Dense Stone
  • Installation Type: Push-Through

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