fischer Zykon Hammerset FZEA II

Undercut anchor with internal thread for pre positioned installation. A cylindrical conical hole with an undercut is produced with the drill bit FZUB in single operation process. When the internal expansion pin is driven in with the setting tool, the anchor sleeve expands to fill the undercut hole with a positive fit.

FZEA II version made of stainless steel of the corrosion resistance class III, e.g A4 for outdoor use and in damp conditions. Highly corrosion-resistant steel of the corrosion resistance class IV, e.g. 1.4529 for applications in aggressive atmospheres. 

Advantages & Benefits

  • Positive fit in the undercut gives additional safety.
  • Virtually expansion-free operation allows cost-efficient fixing with small edge distances and axial spacings.
  • Single-step drilling process simultaneously produces the undercut, saving installation time.
  • Simple visual control reduces installation effort: no test loading necessary to check whether properly set.

Additional Info

  • Suitability: Brick & Solid Materials, Concrete / Dense Stone, Cracked Concrete
  • Installation Type: Pre-Positioned
  • Available In: Zinc Plated, Stainless Steel

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