fischer Hammerset Anchor EA-N

The economical hammerset anchor with internal thread for non structural and non-safety-critical applications. Hammerset anchor with internal thread for pre positioned installation.

When the expander cone is driven in with EAW H Plus setting tool, the anchor sleeve is expanded and is pressed against the hole wall. 

Advantages & Benefits

  • Suitable for non-cracked concrete and for anchoring light ceiling linings and suspended ceilings.
  • Suitable for all screws or studs with metric threads.
  • Low anchoring depth reduces drilling time and thus cost efficient installation.
  • Surface-flush anchor allows the attached item to be removed and refitted several times.

Additional Info

  • Suitability: Concrete / Dense Stone, Non-Cracked Concrete
  • Installation Type: Pre-Positioned
  • Available In: Zinc Plated, Stainless Steel

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