fischer Nail Anchor FNA II

Highest tensile loads at the lowest anchorage depth. The FNA II nail anchor combines the advantages of the active principle of a bolt anchor with those of the simple hammerset installation, no tightening torque for expansion of the anchor.

The installed FNA II nail anchor expands automatically under load, pulls the cone into the expansion clip and expands against the hole wall. The FNA II is approved for redundant multiple fastening, also in the cracked tensile zone. The FNA II is used to attach suspended ceilings, pipelines, cable ducts, wall panels, windows, fire protection boards, etc. 

Advantages & Benefits

  • Very easy to set: Drill, hammer in - done!
  • Little hammering force: 2-4 hammer blows and the FNA II is set.
  • Smallest anchorage depth of only 25 mm reduces drilling time, saving time and reducing reinforcement hits.
  • Highest tensile loads up to 1.6 kN permitted.
  • Small axial spacings and edge distances for applications even with small component dimensions.
  • For component thicknesses from 8 cm.
  • Alternating loads tested up to 7 million cycles at reduced load.
  • First ceiling anchor with European Technical Approval in low strength concrete C12/15 (B15).

Additional Info

  • Suitability: Concrete / Dense Stone, Cracked Concrete
  • Installation Type: Pre-Positioned, Push-Through
  • Available In: Zinc Plated, Stainless Steel

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