FFSC FireStop Compound

▪ FFSC is a specially formulated gypsum based compound, which when mixed with water can be trowelled or poured around service penetrations in either vertical or horizontal applications ▪ Tested to EN1366-3 and UL1479, FFSC can provide up to 4 hours integrity and insulation. It has been designed to set within 30-45 min depending on ambient temperature, and is capable of accommodating foot traffic within 72 hours ▪ Formulated to be halogen and asbestos free, FFSC exhibits excellent load bearing capacity and can help to maintain the sound reduction index of a structure. Non metallic services which pass through the FFSC should be adequately protected with either the fischer FiP Intumescent Pipe Wrap or FFC FireStop Collar and installed in accordance with the detailed instructions or the approved system.

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