FFC FireStop Collar

▪ FFC is a powder coated cylindrical steel sleeve which contains a heat reactive graphite based intumescent material that expands during fire ▪ Each collar has been designed to be securely fitted around the pipe and held in position with a retainig bolt. Fixed back to the substrate utilizing the integral attachment lugs prevents the collar from being dislodge or moving in a fire. A suitable anchor should be used to fix the collar back to the substrate. ▪ Any gaps up to 10 mm around the collar should be backfilled with fischer Intumescent Acoustic Mastic FiAM or larger annular space should be closed with fischer Coated panel system - FCPS or fischer FireStop compound - FFSC ▪ Tested to BS 476 part 20 and BS EN 1366-3, FFC provides up to 4 hours fire resistance in wall and floor assemblies

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