FiPW Pipe Wraps

▪ FiPW is a flexible composite strip, composed of thermoplastic component containing intumescent graphite in a synthetic compound, enclosed in an outer polyethylene cover ▪ Manufactured to be wrapped around non-metallic pipes and trunking, FiPW is designed to expand and provide up to 4 hours fire resistance in a pipe cavity created under fire ▪ Tested to BS 476 part 20 and BS EN 1366-3, FiPW is ETA approved and CE Marked. FiPW is a asbestos and halogen free environment friendly product and is unaffected by oil, fungus, vermin or rodents ▪ FiPW should be pre-positioned around pipe or can also be used as cast-in solution. For large openings use in conjunction with fischer Coated panel system - FCPS or fischer FireStop Compound - FFSC

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