Stabila LAX 50 Crossed Line Laser

The Stabila LAX 50 projects crossed horizontal and vertical lines in a matter of seconds – both perfectly levelled. Ready for all internal work. The result – long, easily visible horizontal and vertical laser lines at right angles to each other which make setting-out easy.For the installation of built-in furniture, laying tiles, wall-papering and all installation work. Setting out without a single pencil mark. That's clean working!

The main attraction – the combined tripod/telescopic leg kit. Unscrew the tripod legs and screw together to form the telescopic leg – fix the LAX 50 to the leg – and measure! The tripod covers a working height of 0.6–1 m. The telescopic leg can be jammed in between floor and ceiling of heights up to 2.75 m. If the LAX 50 is placed on the ground, its working height is 7 cm. Its versatility makes the Stabila LAX 50 a regular partner for all occasions.

Additional Info

  • Working Range: 10m
  • Type: Crossed Line Laser
  • Self Levelling: No
  • Accuracy (mm) +/-: 0.5
  • Laser Class: 2

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