Stabila Type 80 LMX P+L

The Professionals laser spirit level

40 cm high-intensity beam laser spirit level Type 80 LMX-P+L with point and line mode.

  • Horizontal vial five times more sensitive than normal spirit level vials to provide the highest precision.
  • Beam splitter Penta prism supplied for right angles, vertical alignments, partition walls, etc.
  • With additional line function for easy wallpapering– even on slopes.
  • 100% solid metal base plate for use with or without tripod.
  • The sight system allows it to be used over a 40m radius outdoors.
  • Comes with base plate, beam separator, target plate with rule and laser goggles all in a strong plastic case.

Additional Info

  • Working Range: 80m
  • Type: Point Laser
  • Self Levelling: No
  • Accuracy (mm) +/-: 0.25
  • Laser Class: 2

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