Stabila LAX 300 Cross & Plumb Line Laser

The LAX 300 self-levelling cross line & plumb points laser: For marking out the floor, walls and ceiling at the same time / 3 functions / Visible line range 20 m / Red laser diode.

  • Shock-absorbent STABILA soft-grip casing.
  • Protection class IP 54 (Protection against dust deposits on the inside. Protection against splash water from all directions).
  • Attach to metallic objects by its rare earth magnet and V-groove or fastened to the wall bracket.
  • Thanks to the pulsed laser lines the LAX 300 can also be used outdoors. By using the REC 210 line receiver (available as an optional accessory) the range is up to 250 m in a straight line and up to 35 m at an angle of 45° to the instrument's axis.

Additional Info

  • Working Range: Up to 20m
  • Type: Crossed Line Laser
  • Self Levelling: Yes
  • Accuracy (mm) +/-: 0.3
  • Laser Class: 2

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