Spit 800P Gas Nailer

The 800P offers excellent dust protection, ventilation and cooling: three essential ingredients for better tool efficiency and lifetime.

The tool has a dust protected magazine, which together with the air filter offers integrated protection from dust and debris. The dust shield helps cool the tool, ideal for periods of intensive use. All these features will result in less tool maintenance, keeping you working longer. Works six times faster than traditional plug/ screw fixings.
No need for cartridges or CTP permit.


  • Fixing metal drywall track systems to concrete, masonry, block and structural steel.
  • Fixing timber up to 20mm thick to concrete, brick, concrete block and structural steel.
  • Fixing fire protection systems to steel.
  • Fixing angle brackets to concrete, brick, block and structural steel.
  • Fixing EML to concrete, brick, block and structural steel (using 25mm steel washers and magnetic pin guide).


  • Concrete
  • Steel
  • Solid brick
  • Pre-cast hollow concrete slabs
  • Pre-stressed concrete
  • Reinforced concrete


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