Eibenstock EBS 125.4 O Concrete Grinder

The concrete grinders are suitable for smoothing rough concrete and screed surfaces, removing screed seams, residual mud and plaster, old masonry, cement and epoxy paints, joint filers, tile adhesives etc. They are characterised by high reliability and long lifetime.

The metal frame handle protects the tool. In combination with the vertical arrangement of the motor, the concrete grinders are easy to handle. The vibration damping protects the wrists. of the user and allows a high productivity as well as a "softer" contact pressure between the diamond disc and the work surface which leads to a considerably better surface finish.

  • Front edge of the dust guard removable ⇒ grinding directly to the edge of the workpiece
  • Electronics- soft start, constant speed, speed reduction in case of overload, temperature control ( EBS 125.4 RO)


  • Power input: 1500 W
  • Rated voltage: 230 V ~
  • Rated speed: 10 000 rpm
  • Disc diameter: 125 mm
  • Disc connection: M14 male
  • Weight: 4,9kg


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