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The fischer fix-it is an All Round Adhesive Gluing & Sealing product comprised of a 1K MS Polymer® adhesive that embraces the best properties of silicones (flexibility) and extra-strength glues (outstanding grip and bonding power).

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The perfect adjustable stirrer up to 50 kg

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The powerful stirrer for mixing up to 80 kg

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▪ FiAM is a one part water based acrylic emulsion that can provide up to 5 hours fire resistance when used in construction joints and services in both vertical and horizontal applications. When exposed to fire, it reacts to form a highly insulative char that slows down heat transfer, and provides a barrier to fire seal ▪ Tested to BS EN1366-3 & 4, UL 2079 and BS476-20, FiAM is also ETA approved and CE-marked. Formulated to be halogen and solvent free, FiAM exhibits excellent slump characteristics and has been designed to maintain the sound reduction index of a structure ▪ Suitable compatibility in a variety of materials such as timber, steel, concrete, drywall and brick/block work, and is utilised within the fischer FCPS Coated Panel System, which is design to seal large openings in fire rated floors & walls

Available in 310ml White, 310ml Grey and 600ml

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A plasto elastic, one component sealant on acrylic dispersion base (water based) that hardens by means of water evaporation.

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A permanently elastic, one component silicone sealant that hardens as a reaction to atmospheric humidity.

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A single component, transparent synthetic rubber roof sealant.

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The ready-to-use, joint mortar for the long-lasting closing of masonry joints.

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