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We have an in-house technical department which offers support to engineers, specifiers and installers when specifying or using our products. Headed up by our Technical Director, Kerry Kuhlmann and Engineer, Kevin Owen, we provide the following services:

  • Product Advisory - With over 6,500 products in the fischer range the correct choice of anchors/fixings can be somewhat daunting. Our technical department will ensure that the appropriate product is selected for your specific needs. Where relevant, the fischer products conform to ETA (European Technical Approval) standards and are certified for 50 years.
  • In-house design of anchors/anchor groups together with full certification - Our inhouse design is done by a professional Engineer with full support from the fischer International Technical department. The design is done in accordance with the European Technical Approval Guidelines (ETAG) code.
  • On site testing of anchors - For peace of mind, on-site tests of anchors are done in order to verify the required loadings. These are always accompanied by a technical report.
  • Training of contractors in the correct installation techniques of anchors - Incorrect installation techniques can result in the failure of an anchor/anchor group. Our technical department is on hand to travel to site and train the contractors in the correct installation techniques.
  • Training of consulting engineers in the basics of anchor technology through lectures, software and practical examples. A great deal of time is spent visiting Consulting Engineers and educating them on the basics of anchor technology. To this end, our Technical Handbook and Compufix anchor design software are the basic tools which should be part of every engineer's library! We also have seminars which are SAICE approved for CPD points which are done regularly, and normally at the consultant's offices. 
  • Delivering lectures on anchor technology to final year engineering and architecture students. 
  • Regular visits to consulting engineers and architects to promote the products. 
  • Testing new products for feasibility

For more information please contact Kevin Owen on +27 11 624 6700 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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