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We are pleased to introduce new design software for all technical craftsman, civil and structural engineers. FIXPERIENCE is a fischer software suit that gives you safe and reliable professional support for the design phases of construction and building projects.

In contrast to Compufix, its predecessor, FIXPERIENCE is modular in format and can now be used for multiple applications. The user-friendly program offers an easy and flexible way of designing and dimensioning fastening solutions. Based on international standards, this software fulfils all global requirements for easy utilisation.

The benefits of the FIXPERIENCE software at a glance:


The new modular structure of the program includes engineering software and special application modules. These features enable you to plan complete projects or short term individual applications in a structured and cost-effective way.

c-fix woodfix rebar-fix
Design safe and cost effective anchoring solutions into concrete. Design wooden roof structures using fischer Power-Fast and Construction screws. Design post-installed rebar connections in concrete constructions.


Determine the required injection mortar volumes on any installation. For the design of facade fixing with timber sub-structure. The design program for building services.



The software is written to international design standards (ETAG 001 and EC2). Entering all values in the toolbox enables one swift and simple operation, and makes designing easier. At the same time, the result window shows the outcome in real time. The toolbox the familiar navigation bar that was used previously in the COMPUFIX software.

Clear descriptions and large icons help in navigating and using the system. Likewise product information is shown in the product information window. You can display or hide all windows as required, which makes the system extremely flexible.

Safe and reliable

The program recognizes incorrect entries or geometric conditions and will consequently issue related warnings. The comprehensive printout ensures each calculated step to be easily read and understood.

Clear and flexible

Graphical representation is available in 3-D or in 2-D. Using the mouse you can easily move the graphical representation, rotate through 360°, pan, tilt, or zoom as required. The software continuously shows the current status of the load on the anchor, and the geometric boundary conditions of the plate and surrounding substrate.


The program contains a 3-D-CAD input module. This CAD module permits a detailed image to be displayed that is very realistic.


The Live Update feature helps keep the program up to date and alerts you to when a new update is available. You decide on the time of installing the update.


Download a copy of the software here

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